Forage for your Cocktails – Our Partnership with Champagne Devaux

We are very excited to finally announce that we’ve partnered with boutique Champagne House, Devaux to create a range of delicious countryside cocktails, featuring Devaux’s Oeil de Perdrix Rosé Champagne. We worked closely with Devaux’s Head Winemaker Michel Parisot to create six recipes, which use easily foraged ingredients carefully chosen to complement the delicate fruit and floral flavours of Oeil de Perdrix, for complex, interesting and truly unique cocktails that will really impress.
Sharing our passion for sustainability, seasonality and local produce, Champagne Devaux was a natural partner for our first foray into the cocktail world. Hailing from a unique part of the Champagne countryside they are committed to working with the land to create wines that really represent their natural environment.
Together, we set out to develop a range of innovative blends and something for each and every cocktail and foraging lover. Across our recipes we have ingredients that can be found in the UK’s countryside and woodland, but also at the seaside, in city parks, on roadsides and in your average garden.
What’s more, there is something for every time of year. We have recipes that feature blackberries and rosehip, which bloom between September and November, but also juniper and douglas fir that can be found throughout the year. Essentially, there’s always an opportunity to get foraging and pop a bottle of Oeil de Perdrix Champagne.
Oeil de Perdrix is available from Majestic Wine for £27.99.
If you’d like to try these recipes with your own foraged ingredients, recipe cards are
available to download using the links below.

Sea Bucks Fizz recipe

Sea Bucks Fizz

Sea Bucks Fizz

  • Muddle 3g Douglas Fir with 25ml Sea Buckthorn syrup
  • Top up with Champagne
  • Serve in a Champagne flute
  • Garnish with a Douglas Fir shoot

Blackberry Sparkle recipe

Blackberry Sparkle

Blackberry Sparkle

  • Muddle 25ml blackberry syrup with a 10cm spring of rosemary
  • Top up with Champagne
  • Serve in Champagne flute

Elder Berry Recipe

Elder Berry

  • Take 15ml of Elderberry syrup and mix with 2 drops of Dandelion root bitters
  • Top up with Champagne
  • Serve in Champagne flute

Elderflower Champagne Cocktail Recipe

Elderflower Champagne Cocktail

  • Muddle 5 Bilberries with 3 Elderberries
  • Add 20ml of Elderflower Cordial
  • Top up with Champagne
  • Serve in a Champagne flute
  • Garnish with 3 frozen Bilberries and 2 frozen Elderberries

Raspberry Juniper Fizz Recipe

Raspberry Juniper Fizz

  • 25ml Raspberry Shrub
  • 10ml Juniper Syrup
  • Mix together and top up with Champagne
  • Serve in a Champagne Flute
  • Garnish with 2 fresh raspberries on a cocktail stick

Rose Hip Bellini Recipe

Rose Hip bellini

  • Mix 25ml Rose Hip syrup with Champagne
  • Serve in a Champagne flute