Wild Garlic Mayonaise

Wild Garlic Mayonaise

Wild Garlic Chunky Mayonnaise

This chunky wild garlic mayonnaise is brilliant for those nights when you’re having a pick’n’mix of foods that a perfect for dipping. It can be made at the start of the week and used in every way you’d use more common mayonnaise, obviously the ratios can be changed to your liking but this is how I like to make it, if you want a quick fix simply add the wild garlic and nuts to a ready-made mayonnaise.

Makes 600ml mayonnaise


-              4 Eggs Yolks – white removed

-              500ml veg oil, either sun flower or rapeseed

-              1tblsp white wine vinegar                                                               

-              50g wild garlic stems and leaves, finely chopped

-              50g pine nuts – roughly chopped


-              Separate your egg yolks from the white and get rid of the white or keep it for another recipe.

-              Put the egg yolks in a large bowl, add the white wine vinegar and begin to whisk

-              Slowly add the oil a little at a time and whisk thoroughly, in between adding a little more.

-              It will begin emulsify, resembling more regular mayonnaise (3 minutes)

-              Stop whisking and turn to a large spoon, folding in the wild garlic stems and pine nuts

-              Enjoy in fajita wraps, with chips or even battered hogweed stems.

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