Totally Wild Food & Willy’s ACV Gourmet Pickling Hamper


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We’ve teamed up with one of Britain’s finest live organic apple cider vinegar brands to bring you a delectable gourmet food hamper combining the season’s most scrumptious wild ingredients, freshly foraged by us, with the most exciting new kitchen ingredient of 2021; Willy’s Organic Apple Cider Vinegar.

Each hamper comes with free delivery anywhere in the UK – find out more in the description below.

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Level up your springtime recipes and improve your gut health at the same time with our exclusive Totally Wild Food & Willy’s ACV Gourmet Pickling Hamper.

This unique collection combines this season’s tastiest wild ingredients – from inland greens and edible flowers to wild mushrooms and tasty seaweeds – with a bottle of Willy’s Organic Live Apple Cider Vinegar and a handy guide to help you get pickling in your home kitchen!

Whether you choose to pickle your wild ingredients to enjoy them later with a hunk of organic cheese and a slice of crusty bread, or you explore the many proven health benefits of organic apple cider vinegar as a morning drink (or even a cocktail shrub!) the choice is yours!

Each Gourmet Pickling Hamper contains:

  • 6-8 different wild ingredients which are on average 100g per item
  • A wild produce tip sheet to give you info and inspiration on your wild ingredient.
  • A handy Pickling Guide to get you started with pickling, accompanied by video demo by our very own James Wood
  • A 500ml bottle of Willy’s Organic ACV, with the Live ‘Mother’ enzyme for good gut health, created with apples from ancient Herefordshire orchards RRP £8.95
  • A copy of The Foragers Cookbook by James Wood of Totally Wild UK RRP £14.99
  • A copy of the Great British Gourmet Collection Guide 2021, featuring an exclusive interview with Willy’s ACV founder, William Chase. RRP £10
    £2 donated to industry Charity Hospitality Action
  • Cook-along and pickling tips video, by our very own James Wood.

Your Gourmet box will change every season but will include a great amount of highly nutritious wild produce – every box will contain a vast range of produce.

This box has been specially designed to include easy to use and versatile wild ingredients.

We will provide tips and recipes for ideas on what to cook up with your wild food larder.

Totally Wild UK have supplied the UK’s best restaurants with freshly foraged wild ingredients, now you can get access to these unbelievable ingredients right in your very own kitchen.