Dried Herbs and Teas

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  • £6.00

    Alexander Seeds are a fantastic wild and foraged substitute for standard store bought pepper. They have more of a flavour of spiced pepper or sezchuan pepper and can be used in many dishes as you would regular pepper.

  • £3.50

    We’ve become well accustomed to the flavour of elderflower which is great because it’s quite difficult to describe. Floral and heady is the best we can come up with, but one thing’s certain – It’s absolutely delicious!

  • £5.00

    Meadowsweet flowers give us a brilliant floral flavour with notes of vanilla and cream. It sounds a little odd but we use it to make the cream taste more creamy, I guess it’s a bit like how vanilla works so well with cream.

  • £4.00

    Nettles provide us with much than just a flavour, the medicinal benefits are vast, but we won’t go into too much detail on that right now. This dried nettle can be used in a multitude of things from nettle cordial to nettle tea, nettle stock for soups.

  • £7.50

    This nettle matcha can be used in place of regular green tea matcha in any recipe calling for it.

    Nettles are unbelievably high in healing qualities and this matcha has a great earthy flavour as well as bold green colour.

  • £7.50

    Roasted Dandelion Root Coffee has an incredible flavour that sits somewhere between coffee, chocolate and malt.

    It works perfectly as a drink and also make really nice cakes, cocktails and ice cream.