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Totally Wild UK Are A Unique Team Of Professional Foragers.

Our foragers running the Foraging Courses have years of experience and all go through our L3 Foraging and Wild Food Accreditation.

We cook plenty of Wild Food on our Foraging Courses so we’ve put our favourite Wild recipes and Identification guides in to the foragers cookbook to help you learn about the edible plants growing around us.

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Foraging Vouchers

Our Foraging Vouchers make a fantastic gift, they are valid for 12 months and can be used at any of our venues across the UK.

What People Say About Our Foraging Courses

Really impressed with the professionalism of your company. Well organised from start to finish with knowledgable guides and follow up at the end and a very good book too. I will definitely book again.

MadeleineForaging Guest

``Excellent Day``
We had a fabulous day out foraging with Megan in Barns Green. Along with perfect weather, we had all our questions answered and felt we left with a ton of knowledge.

I have already and would recommend for anyone to do this, a great day outdoors learning about nature.

Plus Megan cooked a fantastic meal in the woods at the end! 5*

Matthew HallForaging Guest

I’d like to thank Hazel and Totally Wild for organising such an interesting and inspiring event, which I enjoyed very much, as did my friend. This was a Christmas present from my son, and one which I will not forget.

The meal was amazing.

Anne LovellForaging Guest

Thank you for the swift delivery of the wild food box. We're loving it! so fresh, it's very wholesome to taste food from the wild.

FlorenceWild Veg Box Customer

I love cooking and recipe development, but had fallen out of love with food pre-lockdown. Your Wild Veg Box is helping me be so creative and I've really found my love of food, and myself, again. Thanks guys 🙂

SarahWild Veg Box Customer

Loving the Ingredients coming in to the restaurant from you guys, nicely packed and perfect to go. The produce calendar you send out has really helped us plan our menu much more easily too. Keep up the good work!

SteveHead Chef

Newest Mushroom Guides

Our mushroom foraging guides are here to help you to forage for mushrooms.

Stinking Dapperling (Lepiota cristata) Identification

Stinking Dapperling / Summer / Autumn / Toxic Scientific Name Lepiota cristata Common Names Stinking Dapperling, Stinking Parasol Family Agaricaceae Habitat They are saprotrophic, living off dead matter, they can be found in mixed woodland, parks and gardens. They can appear individually or in small groups. Description A fairly common…

Common Bonnet (Mycena galericulata) Identification

Common Bonnet / All Year Round / Edible Scientific Name Mycena galericulata Common Names Common Bonnet, Toque mycena, the Rosy-gill fairy helmet. Family Mycenaceae Habitat They are saprotrophic, living off dead matter, they can be found on well decayed logs and stumps. They are most common on beech and oaks…

Freckled Dapperling (Echinoderma asperum) Identification

Freckled Dapperling / Summer / Autumn / Toxic Scientific Name Echinoderma asperum Common Names Freckled Dapperling Family Agaricaceae Habitat In deciduous woodland and growing from woodchip in gardens and park. Description  A fairly common and easy to identify mushroom, they are listed as edible in some guides but they react…

We’re here to help you learn the art of  Foraging

We’re here to help you learn more about foraging for plants, mushrooms & seaweeds and to develop your art of cooking with wild foods in a safe & superbly fun hands-on environment.

Our Newest Plant Foraging Guides

Our Plant foraging guides are here to help you to forage for Plants, shrubs and Trees.

Few-Flowered Leek (Allium paradoxum) Identification

Few-Flowered Leek / Spring / Summer / Edible Identification Guide for Few-Flowered Leek A non-native, invasive member of the Allium family. Do your bit for nature and eat it 🙂 Common Names Few-Flowered Leek, Few-Flowered Garlic. Botanical Name Allium paradoxum Scientific Classification Kingdom – Plantae Order – Asparagales Family –…

Lords and Ladies (Arum maculatum) Identification

Lords and Ladies / Spring / Summer / Autumn / Toxic Identification Guide for Lords and Ladies A very common, toxic species. Anyone who gathers wild garlic should be aware of this plant as it appears at the same time of year in similar locations. Common Names Lords and Ladies,…

Ladies Smock (Cardamine pratensis) Identification

Ladies Smock / All Year Round / Edible Identification Guide for Ladies Smock A perennial member of the Brassica family, with a delicious mustardy taste. Common Names Ladies Smock, Cuckoo flower, Mayflower or Milkmaids. Botanical Name Cardamine pratensis Scientific Classification Kingdom – Plantae Order – Brassicales Family – Brassicaceae Physical…

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Our Newest Wild Food Recipes

We’re forever uploading new wild food recipes to share ideas for cooking the ingredients we forage.


GUELDER-ROSE SHRUB SYRUP The Guelder-Rose (Viburnum Opulus) is a common native shrub, the common name refers to the Dutch province of Guelderland where a popular cultivar was developed. In the UK it’s one of the key indicators of ancient woodland but it’s most often found planted in parks and gardens.…

Quince Membrillo Recipe

Quince Membrillo Recipe by @susybliving on Instagram This is a super simple way to use up the Quince fruit. A fragrant fruit, this membrillio is often served up with cheese or cured meats, I think in the UK we’d class this as a firm set fruit cheese. Ingredients 5 Quince…

Raw Porcini Carpaccio Recipe

Raw Porcini Carpaccio Recipe Sometimes when you find a perfect cep or porcini in the prime of its growth there’s nothing better to do than to keep it as fresh as possible and enjoy it in all its raw glory. This is the quickest and most delicious use of fresh…

Foraging and Wild Food Videos

We’re forever uploading new wild food videos to share key tips for foraging and ideas for cooking the ingredients we forage.