Foraging Courses

Join us on one of our truly engaging & Fun wild food and foraging courses for a fantastic experience, to develop your understanding of foraging for and cooking with wild foods and to enjoy some delicious Wild Recipes.

On our foraging courses we work with the seasons and often forage for plants, mushrooms, seaweeds & flowers. You’ll be astonished by the flavours we can get; from pineapple tasting flowers to cardamom tasting seeds and seaweeds which taste like beef jerky, it’s all there to be discovered.

Our in house team of foragers running our foraging courses are possibly the most obsessed wild foodies you’ll ever meet & all go through our L3 wild food and foraging accreditation . You can find out a little more about them here.

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sat09dec11:00sat14:00Foraging Walk - HertfordshireHome Farm

sat09dec11:00sat14:00Foraging Walk - LondonHackney Marshes

sat09dec11:00sat14:00Foraging Walk - HertfordshireHome Farm

sat09dec11:00sat14:00Foraging Walk - Lake DistrictGrizedale

sat09dec11:00sat14:00Foraging Walk - NottinghamRufford AbbeySold Out!

sun10dec11:00sun14:00Foraging Walk - LondonHackney Marshes

sun10dec11:00sun14:00Foraging Walk - SussexBirchden Woods

sun10dec11:00sun14:00Foraging Walk - HertfordshireLangley Logs

sun10dec11:00sun14:00Foraging Walk - YorkshireSwinsty Reservoir

sun10dec11:00sun14:00Foraging Walk - CheshireAnderton Boat-Lift

sun10dec11:00sun14:00Foraging Walk - CheshireRiverside Park

sat16dec11:00sat14:00Foraging Walk - NottinghamRufford Abbey

sat16dec11:00sat14:00Foraging Walk - StaffordCannock Chase

sun17dec11:00sun14:00Foraging Walk - WorcesterWorcester Woods and Country Park

sun17dec11:00sun14:00Foraging Walk - CheshireRiverside Park

sun17dec11:00sun14:00Foraging Walk - SussexHailsham Country ParkSold Out!

sat13jan10:00sat16:00Sussex Truffle HuntingSussex Truffle Hunting

sat13jan11:00sat14:00Foraging Walk - WorcesterWorcester Woods and Country Park

sat13jan11:00sat14:00Foraging Walk - NottinghamRufford Abbey

sat13jan11:00sat14:00Foraging Walk - YorkshireSwinsty Reservoir

sun14jan10:00sun16:00Sussex Truffle HuntingSussex Truffle Hunting

sun14jan11:00sun14:00Foraging Walk - Lake DistrictGrizedale

sat20jan11:00sat14:00Foraging Walk - NottinghamRufford Abbey

sun21jan11:00sun14:00Foraging Walk - ManchesterDog Hill

sun21jan11:00sun14:00Foraging Walk - CheshireAnderton Boat-Lift

sun21jan11:00sun14:00Foraging Walk - LondonHackney Marshes

sat27jan11:00sat14:00Foraging Walk - LondonHorsenden Hill

sat27jan11:00sat14:00Foraging Walk - SussexBirchden Woods

sat27jan11:00sat14:00Foraging Walk - CheshireRiverside Park

sat27jan11:00sat14:00Foraging Walk - LondonHackney Marshes

sun28jan11:00sun14:00Foraging Walk - OxfordshireWittenham Clumps

sun28jan11:00sun14:00Foraging Walk - ManchesterDog Hill

sat03feb11:00sat14:00Foraging Walk - Lake DistrictGrizedale

sat03feb11:00sat14:00Foraging Walk - BuckinghamshireBragenham Farm

sun04feb11:00sun14:00Foraging Walk - YorkshireSwinsty Reservoir

sun04feb11:00sun14:00Foraging Walk - HertfordshireHome Farm

sat17feb11:00sat14:00Foraging Walk - WorcesterWorcester Woods and Country Park

sat17feb11:00sat14:00Foraging Walk - LondonHackney Marshes

sat17feb11:00sat14:00Foraging Walk - SussexWild Weald Wood

sat17feb11:00sat14:00Foraging Walk - NottinghamRufford Abbey

sun18feb11:00sun14:00Foraging Walk - CheshireRiverside Park

sun18feb11:00sun14:00Foraging Walk - HertfordshireHome Farm

sat24feb11:00sat14:00Foraging Walk - CheshireTegg's Nose

sat24feb11:00sat14:00Foraging Walk - CheshireAnderton Boat-Lift

sat24feb11:00sat14:00Foraging Walk - SussexHailsham Country Park

sun25feb11:00sun14:00Foraging Walk - CheshireTegg's Nose

sun25feb11:00sun14:00Foraging Walk - SussexBirchden Woods

sun25feb11:00sun14:00Foraging Walk - ManchesterDog Hill

fri01mar10:00fri16:00Forage and Cook - CheshireAnderton Boat-Lift

fri01mar10:00fri16:00Forage and Cook - LondonLee Valley

fri01mar10:00fri16:00Forage and Cook - LondonHorsenden Hill

fri01mar10:00fri16:00Forage and Cook - SussexBirchden Woods

sat02mar10:00sat16:00Forage and Cook - HertfordshireLangley Logs

sat02mar10:00sat16:00Forage and Cook - NottinghamRufford AbbeySold Out!

sun03mar10:00sun16:00Forage and Cook - BuckinghamshireBragenham Farm

thu07mar10:00thu16:00Forage and Cook - CornwallPortwrinkle

thu07mar10:00thu16:00Forage and Cook - CheshireAnderton Boat-Lift

thu07mar10:00thu16:00Forage and Cook - BuckinghamshireBragenham Farm

fri08mar10:00fri16:00Forage and Cook - CheshireRiverside Park

fri08mar10:00fri16:00Forage and Cook - SussexSumners Ponds

fri08mar10:00fri16:00Forage and Cook - HertfordshireHome Farm

sat09mar10:00sat16:00Forage and Cook - SussexWild Weald Wood

sat09mar10:00sat16:00Forage and Cook - WirralWirral Country Park

sat09mar10:00sat16:00Forage and Cook - LondonHorsenden Hill

sat09mar10:00sat16:00Forage and Cook - CornwallPentiddy Woods

sun10mar10:00sun16:00Forage and Cook - CheshireRiverside Park

sun10mar10:00sun16:00Forage and Cook - SurreyBuckland Park LakeSold Out!

sun10mar10:00sun16:00Forage and Cook - DevonEscot EstateSold Out!

thu14mar10:00thu16:00Forage and Cook - HertfordshireHome Farm

fri15mar10:00fri13:00Foraging Walk - StaffordCannock Chase

fri15mar10:00fri13:00Foraging Walk - SussexHailsham Country Park

fri15mar10:00fri16:00Forage and Cook - YorkshireSwinsty Reservoir

fri15mar10:00fri16:00Forage and Cook - LondonHorsenden Hill

fri15mar10:00fri16:00Forage and Cook - CheshireDelamere Forest

sat16mar10:00sat16:00Forage and Cook - StaffordCannock Chase

sat16mar10:00sat16:00Forage and Cook - Lake DistrictGrizedale

sat16mar10:00sat16:00Forage and Cook - LondonLee Valley

sat16mar10:00sat16:00Forage and Cook - SussexBirchden Woods

sat16mar10:00sat16:00Forage and Cook - SussexHailsham Country Park

sat16mar10:00sat16:00Forage and Cook - OxfordshireWittenham Clumps

sat16mar10:00sat16:00Forage and Cook - ManchesterDog Hill

sun17mar10:00sun16:00Forage and Cook - SussexSumners Ponds

sun17mar10:00sun16:00Forage and Cook - HertfordshireHome Farm

sun17mar10:00sun16:00Forage and Cook - WirralWirral Country Park

sun17mar10:00sun16:00Forage and Cook - WorcesterWorcester Woods and Country Park

sun17mar10:00sun16:00Forage and Cook - GloucestershireOxwick Farm

sun17mar10:00sun16:00Forage and Cook - NorfolkBurnham Overy

sun17mar10:00sun16:00Forage and Cook - YorkshireTyers Hall Farm

fri22mar10:00fri16:00Forage and Cook - SurreyBuckland Park Lake

fri22mar10:00fri16:00Forage and Cook - Lake DistrictGrizedale

fri22mar10:00fri16:00Forage and Cook - NottinghamRufford Abbey

fri22mar10:00fri16:00Forage and Cook - LondonLee Valley

fri22mar10:00fri16:00Forage and Cook - OxfordshireWittenham Clumps

sat23mar10:00sat16:00Forage and Cook - CheshireDelamere Forest

sat23mar10:00sat16:00Forage and Cook - SussexWild Weald Wood

sat23mar10:00sat16:00Forage and Cook - SussexSumners Ponds

sat23mar10:00sat16:00Forage and Cook - Lake DistrictGrizedale

sat23mar10:00sat16:00Forage and Cook - SussexHailsham Country Park

sat23mar10:00sat16:00Forage and Cook - NorfolkBrandon Country Park

sun24mar10:00sun13:00Foraging Walk - CheshireAnderton Boat-Lift

sun24mar10:00sun16:00Forage and Cook - YorkshireSwinsty ReservoirSold Out!

sun24mar10:00sun16:00Forage and Cook - SussexSumners Ponds

thu28mar10:00thu16:00Forage and Cook - CheshireTegg's Nose

thu28mar10:00thu16:00Forage and Cook - CornwallPentiddy Woods

fri29mar10:00fri16:00Forage and Cook - SussexWild Weald Wood

fri29mar10:00fri16:00Forage and Cook - WorcesterWorcester Woods and Country Park

fri29mar10:00fri16:00Forage and Cook - ManchesterDog Hill

sat30mar10:00sat16:00Forage and Cook - NorthamptonFermyn Woods

sat30mar10:00sat16:00Forage and Cook - WirralWirral Country Park

sat30mar10:00sat16:00Forage and Cook - NottinghamRufford Abbey

sat30mar10:00sat16:00Forage and Cook - BuckinghamshireBragenham Farm