• mushroom Foraging Book

    Dive into the “Foraging Mushrooms Guide” and embark on a wild mushroom adventure that’s equal parts enchanting and delicious! Unearth the secrets of foraging and feasting on nature’s hidden treasures with this vibrant, mouth-watering guide. 🍄🌲🎉

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    The Foragers’ Cookbook offers a unique insight in to the huge abundance and massive potential uses for the plants we walk past on a daily basis. This book will give you the confidence and guidance to explore your surrounding green spaces and safely pick the abundance of wild edible plants found growing all around us. After harvesting these plants the book then offers you a range of tried and tested recipes for creating truly delicious wild food-inspired meals, preserves, syrups, pickles, jams, salt ferments, and chutneys within your own home.

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