About Us

About Totally Wild UK

Our main goal is to excite people with the amazing flavours to be found in the wild.

On our Foraging Courses you’ll see that wild food is everywhere, when foraging in London you’ll find a unique range, compared to foraging in Cheshire with its relaxing countryside, when foraging in Scotland the deep woods offer bounty of mushrooms and foraging in Wales gives us amazing access to rural coastlines. Our team is constantly exploring and developing our range of foraging courses so we can make your learning experience as fun and valuable as possible.

Our Mission

To make foraging as accessible to as many people as possible.

Our Values

Actively Engaging with Wild Spaces

Positively engaging with wild spaces, ideally whilst getting some good grub out of it too.

Exceptional Experiences and Interactions

We aim to make as much of what we do exceptional for our colleagues and our customers.

Sharing Knowledge Freely

We aim to share our knowledge as freely and openly as possible.

Developing Professional Foragers

We strive to make foraging as true, realistic, respected, and attainable as a career can be.

Saving & Supporting Wild Spaces

We currently give approximately 15% of all our experience sales to save & support the wild spaces we work with.

A Succesful Remote Team

We aim for our colleagues to be independent enough in their remote work, and connected enough to be part of the Totally Wild Family.

Our Vision

Our vision is to develop & support a community of foragers, groups and individuals who actively engage with, enjoy & promote safe and sustainable foraging practices. So generations to come can continue to grow the wild movement responsibly.

What People Say About Us

Really impressed with the professionalism of your company. Well organised from start to finish with knowledgable guides and follow up at the end and a very good book too. I will definitely book again.

MadeleineForaging Course Guest

``Excellent Day``
We had a fabulous day out foraging with Megan in Barns Green. Along with perfect weather, we had all our questions answered and felt we left with a ton of knowledge.

I have already and would recommend for anyone to do this, a great day outdoors learning about nature.

Plus Megan cooked a fantastic meal in the woods at the end! 5*

Matthew HallForaging Course Guest

I’d like to thank Hazel and Totally Wild for organising such an interesting and inspiring event, which I enjoyed very much, as did my friend. This was a Christmas present from my son, and one which I will not forget.

The meal was amazing.

Anne LovellForaging Course Guest

“It has changed the way I interact with mother nature beyond recognition! Beforehand I would pick blackberries, but now I scan every bit of hedge and wood, and find myself working foraged ingredients into loads of my cooking. I've got some paniers for my bike to accommodate my haul on Sunday mornings! The rest of my household have long since given up listening to a word I say when I return with bundles of foliage.”

We’re here to help you learn more about foraging for plants, mushrooms & seaweeds and to develop your art of cooking with wild foods in a safe & superbly fun hands-on environment.

About James

Having been in love with the wild world since childhood, James spent many years developing his skills and knowledge of all things “wild” from mushroom paper to elderberry salt. James is now seen as one of the UK’s top foraging and wild food experts, he’s on a mission to share this knowledge and show people that wild food is something we can all forage, prepare and enjoy.

“I started Totally Wild UK with the ambition to Empower other foragers and to give us a joint platform to develop and support others to begin their journey in to foraging and Wild Food. My main goal is to enable foraging as a career for people & to make it much more acessible to others who would like to add some wild food to their everyday diets.”

Meet the Totally Wild Family

James - Forager & Founder

Forager James

James started his journey into foraging through an art project called the Foraged Book Project, where they made paper from mushroom and glue from seaweeds. His journey continued into Food is still ongoing. You can find him in the hedgerows foraging and walking his dog.

Alasdair - Lead Forager - South East

Forager Alasdair

You’ll find Alasdair out in the woods, down at the coast or growing vegetables in his allotment. He not only forages incredible wild ingredients but also loves traditional fir lighting and cooking techniques.

Molly - Events Manager


Molly has always been fond of insects, plants and anything weird and wonderful in the natural world. Loves field hockey, earl grey tea with oat milk and getting out about in nature.

Caroline - Events Co-Ordinator


Caroline found her way into foraging, and to Totally Wild, through the unconventional avenue of literature – she wrote her University dissertation on fungi in contemporary fiction. She loves to hike, wild swim, write, and draw, and is constantly amazed and inspired by the beauty and bounty of the natural world.

Lolly - Foraging in the Midlands

Forager Lolly

Growing up on my Grandparent’s farm in Mid Wales, I have spent lots of time exploring the outdoors and it is where I feel most at home.

I have a particular fondness for trees as I find their ecology fascinating. As well as foraging for food, I also like to use my finds for craft projects.

Jemima - Foraging in the Cornwall

Forager Jemima

My love for nature began in my childhood which was spent between the creeks, hopfields and forests of East Kent and the rolling hills, craggy coastlines and forested estuaries of South Devon.

I love growing flowers and learning about medicinal uses for plants and my passion never ends.

Fez - Foraging in the Midlands & North

Forager Fez

Richard, called Fez amongst friends has been involved with food in some aspect his entire life. He loves all aspects of foraging from seaweeds to flowers & mushrooms and specifically enjoys getting the family involved in some Wild Food.

Jane - Foraging around Norfolk & Suffolk

Forager Jane

Jane has had a lifelong love for the outdoors and is out daily across the Norfolk coastline picking bits for her dinner. She’s harvested wild produce commercially and has settled into teaching to pass on the knowledge she’s gathered over the years.

Hazel - Foraging in the North UK

Forager Hazel

Hazel has been interested in plants and ecology since an early age, when they learned wildflowers from their mum in Cumbria. Before getting involved with Totally Wild, they managed volunteers on various community conservation projects and when not in the woods they’re usually playing music and making things

Kris - Foraging in the North UK

Forager Kristopher

I am a lover of all things outdoors. I am passionate about keeping traditional skills alive using primitive bushcraft and survival methods. Often you’ll find me off the beaten track in search adventure

Rosa - Foraging around Bristol

Forager Rosa

Rosa has had a deep interest of the natural world for as long as she can remember. She is often found exploring in the woods and alongside foraging is also a forest school practitioner. She loves taking her camper out for adventures and happiest when hiking, baking and at her allotment.

Hannah - Foraging around Devon

Forager Hannah

Hannah has an addictive love for the outdoors that rubs off on practically everyone she bumps into whilst out foraging. She’s got a deep understanding of the herbal uses of wild species and makes up some cracking Wild Flavoured, nutrient-packed energy balls that have become famous within the Totally Wild Team.

Kelly - Foraging in the Midlands & North London

Forager Kelly

Kelly has a fantastic knowledge of all things wild including herbal and practical uses of species. Kelly also has a deep passion for soil science and micro biology, she performs microscope assessments on the soil food web looking at the micro universe of bacteria, mycelium, protozoa, nematodes. Kelly loves to share her knowledge doing talks on importance of soil health and the microbs that create it.

Lauren - Foraging around Oxford & West London

Forager Lauren

Growing up by the coast sparked my love for everything outdoors. I later developed an interest in identifying fungi, within Oxfordshire’s ancient woodlands. Alongside my role as a school teacher, I established my appreciation for wild food and experimented with using them in cooking in my spare time.

Dougie - Top Truffle Sniffer

Forager Dougie

Dougie loves cheesy treats, sleeping and generally making people smile. He’s been in truffle training for a couple of years now and is happily digging up truffles in the local woodland.

Scott - Designer and Wed Developer

Scott Tyzack

After graduating, Scott went on to work at multiple creative agencies where he developed a strong skill set including brand creation, UI/UX design and animation