The Foraging Map

The Foraging Map

It’s one thing reading books on how to identify wild produce and another thing foraging for incredible wild ingredients. Therefore we’ve decided to create this community foraging map so people can share special spots for finding wild food.

You can either zoom in to your location and simply look to see what’s around or if you’re looking for something specific you can use the ‘filter by’ tab at the top of the map. Simple scroll through the filter by tab and select the item you’re looking for and it will show you where it’s been found.

You Can set a new Marker by:

  1. right click the location on the map you’d like to set a marker
  2. Write a Marker Title (usually the name of the item)
  3. The Marker Address is added automatically
  4. Write the description (i.e. the wild garlic grows down the path on the right but be careful as there’s lots of dogs mercury there also)
  5. Upload an image (not required but you can if you like)
  6. Click the correct name of what you’ve found in the Marker Category so it can become filterable in the future and easier to find again.
  7. Tick the box marked ‘Please tick this box to prove you are human
  8. Press ‘Add Marker’
  9. This Marker is then sent through to be verified before being added on to the map 🙂

Please Click here to submit a new category for us to add.

If the map isn’t working properly please let us know as soon as possible so we can get it fixed and up and running again. Click here to let us know

That’s absolutely fine, however the more we all share the easier it becomes for all of us.

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