About Totally Wild UK

Our main goal is to excite people with the amazing flavours to be found in the wild.

On our Foraging Courses you’ll see that wild food is everywhere, when foraging in London you’ll find a unique range, compared to foraging in Cheshire with its relaxing countryside, when foraging in Scotland the deep woods offer bounty of mushrooms and foraging in Wales gives us amazing access to rural coastlines. Our team is constantly exploring and developing our range of foraging courses so we can make your learning experience as fun and valuable as possible.

Whether you try foraged foods for the first time through our signature foraged preserves, giving you a flavour of seasonal wild food at home, or taste the amazing flavour of foraged ingredients at an evening out in one of your favourite restaurants, watch one of our foraging talks or demos at your local food festival, or join us on of our hands on in depth wild food foraging and cookery experiences.

We also want to support foragers, the art of foraging and take a responsible role in the sustainable collection of wild food, allowing nature to flourish as we interact with wild spaces. We believe in safe foraging for our guests, we are rather strict on our in house risk assessments, training and development because we want you to have a truly fantastic and memorable experience. For more information check our Sustainability Mainifesto

About James

Having been in love with the wild world since childhood, James spent many years developing his skills and knowledge of all things “wild” from mushroom paper to elder berry salt. James is now seen as one of the UK’s top foraging and wild food experts, he’s on a mission to share this knowledge and show people that wild food is something we can all forage, prepare and enjoy.

Meet our team

James Wood

Forager & Founder

Forager Megan

Forager & Teacher - South

Forager Sam

Forager & Teacher - North West

Forager Fez

Forager & Teacher - North & East

Forager Aaron

Forager & Warehouse

Forager Hazel

Forager & Teacher

Forager Hannah

Foraging Teacher - London

Forager Gavin

Foraging Teacher - London


Events Co-ordinator

Scott Tyzack

Web Designer

Kerry Slater

Print Designer

Lead Warehouse Operative

Forager Frances

Forager - Cornwall

Forager Jane

Forager - East UK

Forager Sophia

Forager & Teacher - South West

Forager Ben

Forager & Teacher - South UK

Forager Dan

Forager - South West

Forager Dougie

Forager - Truffle Dog

Forager Joanna

Foraging Teacher - South West

Forager Rob

Foraging Teacher - North East

Forager Max

Forager - Scotland

Assistant Warehouse Operative

Forager Jeff

Forager - Scotland

Forager Fern

Foraging Teacher - South

Book a Course

Join us on one of our deeply engaging wild food foraging and cookery experiences. The easiest way to develop your foraging and wild food cookery skills is to join a true professional out in the wild. Perfect for chefs, individuals, families and groups, either join us on one of our pre-arranged walks or enquire about a private event.

The Foragers'

A Growing set of high quality printed guides to foraging and wild food cooking, to allow you to continue developing your foraging skills at your own pace in your own time.