The Prince Mushroom (Agaricus Augustus)

The Prince/ Summer / Autumn / Edible

Indulge in the regal flavors of the Prince Mushroom (Agaricus augustus) as we embark on a culinary journey celebrating this esteemed delicacy.

Join us in savoring the unique delights offered by nature’s culinary masterpiece. With its distinguished appearance and captivating aroma, the Prince Mushroom stands as a true culinary gem.

Learn to identify its distinctive features, explore its preferred habitats, and delve into the culinary wonders it bestows. From its firm and meaty texture to its rich, earthy and almond-like flavor, this mushroom has the power to elevate your dishes to extraordinary heights.

Whether you are an experienced forager or an enthusiastic home cook, let the Prince Mushroom inspire your culinary creations and tantalize your taste buds with its marvelous flavors. Embrace the abundance of nature’s bounty as we celebrate the enchanting delights that lie within the Prince Mushroom. Get ready to embark on a flavor-filled journey as we explore the captivating culinary possibilities offered by this remarkable fungus.

Common Name

The Prince

Botanical Name

Agaricus Augustus

Meaning of Botanical Name

Augustus is refering to the month of August which is when these mushrooms appear.



Known Hazards

None Known

Could be confused with

Agaricus Impidicus, which has a strong radishy smell and is smaller in size.

Horse Mushrooms Which are much more pure white

Food Plant of…

Humans, mammals and many invertebrates and insects.

Range and Distribution

The Prince is widespread but not common, in Britain and Ireland The Prince often fruits in small groups. Occuring throughout  Europe and in Asia, northern Africa, many parts of North America, and Australia


This is a saprophytic mushroom (meaning it lives on decaying organic matter)  liking open woodland, and occasionally beneath trees in parks and gardens, particularly with conifers

Physical Characteristics of the Prince Mushroom


The cap is creamish white with brown scales circling the cap, it starts of dome shaped and flattens with age.


Gills start off pale salmon pink and turn dark chocolate brown and eventually black with age, they are crowded and free of the stem.

Free Gills


The stem has a large ring (skirt) and is white and smooth above the skirt and scaly below.



Smells of almonds


Spores are Purple to brown chocolate

Edible Use of the Prince Mushroom

Delicious edible mushroom, good for frying, stews, pate etc

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