Summer Bolete (Boletus reticulatus) – Identification

Summer Bolete/Summer/autumn/Edible

Scientific Name

Boletus reticulatus




Grows in open Beech and Oak woodland


Simillar to the Porcini the summer Bolete is an excellent summer, early autumn Bolete that is found in oak and beech woodland. it has an excellent flavour and thick firm flesh that adds umami to dishes and soups. it has a dark brown cap and a stout stem with white reticulation all over it.

Identifying Features:


Starting slightly velvety becoming finely cracked. Pale brown to brown yellow.


White bulbous barrel like it has reticulation over the stem.


White turning yellow with age.


Strong and earthy but not as strong in the Cep/Porcini.


Dark olive through to brown.


treat as Porcini. Dry and use to make strong mushroom stock or powder to add to soups and stews. can be used in the place of Porcini in recipes that cal for them

In food

Excellent flavour but still not on par with the Porcini or the Dark Bolete.


Appears June to August. Grows up to 20 cm across and often with many others although is not very common.

Known hazards

none known

Potential lookalikes

Could be confused with a Porcini but they usually have a whiter stem, a white border around the edge of the cap, firmer flesh and comes out in later Summer and Autumn. COuld also be confused with the Bitter Bolete

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