Japanese Knotweed Recipes

Here you’ll find a list of our favourite Japanese Knotweed Recipes.

It’s easiest to use japanese knotweed however you would usually use rhubarb in any recipe that calls for rhubarb – then there’s 1000’s of recipes for it out there ready to go 🙂

Please make sure not to spread japanese knotweed, this means place it in to a strong plastic bag when picking and seal it well before transporting,

Don’t discard any leftovers of raw knotweed in the bin either, I usually trim anything I won’t eat off the plant whilst I’m picking it and leave these bits where I’ve picked it (as not to spread it) then if there’s anything you’re not going to eat, boil it in a pan of water for 15 minutes before disposing.

Enjoy and Happy foraging

Japanese Knotweed Recipes Below

Some overview ideas for inspiring some Knotweed Recipes through the season:

Edible Use:

Root: (Sept- March) Starch can be extracted (with caution) and used as a thickener like cornflour.

Stem: (April-May) Young tender stem tops can be eaten raw or cooked and used as a rhubarb substitute for crumbles, pies, sorbets, sauces, pickling, and in both sweet and savoury dishes.

Flower Buds: (May-Aug) Can be used for wine, beer, tisane making.

Happy Foraging