Cherry Whiskey Recipe

This cherry whiskey recipe is a brilliant way to use up a glut of wild cherries.

Some fruits favour gin, others vodka, but cherries definitely favour whiskey. The earthy malty flavours of whiskey both heighten and are heighten with the addition of cherries, combining to make a smooth liquor that can be enjoyed both straight and in a long drink on those cold winter nights. I often drink this as a night cap after an evening out.

Ingredients for making Cherry Whiskey:

400g Wild Cherries

750ml Whiskey

Sugar to taste

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Place your cherries in a zip seal bag and put in the freezer over night

Remove and place in a 1ltr jar

Pour over the whiskey and leave to rest for at least 3 months

Strain through a muslin cloth and add sugar to taste

Enjoy straight or in a cherry smash – 2 shots cherry whiskey, 1 good wedge of lime, ice and filled with coke-a-cola – Tasty.

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Edible Use:

Flowers/Blossom: Teas, syrups, cakes, decoration, imparts almond flavour
Fruit/seeds: fruit compote, syrup, alcohol infusions, pies, cakes, cookies, muffins.


Sour cherries have fairly high amounts of melatonin, a chemical vital in regulating human sleep cycles, it has therefore been used in the past to aid sleep patterns of individuals.


This tree bares fruit with a single large pip, meaning you can tap the tree, or remove some of the bark until sap starts to leak from the trunk. This sap can be used as a replacement to gum Arabic in making water colour paints. It must be noted that the sap of the cherry tree will shrink a lot more than gum Arabic and this must be taken in to account when adding constituent ingredients to your paint mix (less pigment and honey).

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