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Chicken of the Woods Nuggets

Words from @incredible_d

Title of the Recipe: Chicken of the woods nuggets


Chicken of the woods
Bread crumbs
Veg oil for frying.
Salt, pepper, paprika


– cut chicken of the woods into nugget size pieces.
– set 3 bowls out and add flour to the first. you will need enough flour dip all the nuggets in. Season flour with salt, pepper and paprika to taste.
– seconded bowl, crack two eggs and whisk.
– Third bowl put bread crumbs in.
– i deep fry mine but you could oven cook. — whilst oil is heating, dip cotw in the flour then the egg, followed by the bread crumbs. If you have a lot do in small batches and put on kitchen roll once golden to soak up oil.
Tips or extra notes: Don’t over flour at first as egg won’t stick.

Image from @incredible_d