Wild Garlic Recipes

Here you’ll find a list of our favourite Wild Garlic Recipes.
Please use these as a guide – however, you can use wild garlic in any recipe that calls for garlic, and for me, that’s pretty much any savoury recipe (I’ve even heard of a wild garlic ice cream which blew my mind)

The Key to Cooking with wild garlic is to add it at the end of the cooking, for example, if I pop it in chilli, I’d cook the chilli, turn off the gas hob and then stir in the chopped wild garlic with the hob off and let the residual heat soften it before serving. It will stay super fresh and keep a lovely crisp garlic kick 🙂

Wild Garlic Recipes Below

Some overview ideas for inspiring some Wild Garlic Recipes through the season:

Edible Uses

Roots and bulb: best harvested when the plant is not in leaf from June-January. Use the bulb as regular garlic although be aware that it is somewhat fibrous. The roots can be dried and powdered to be used as a seasoning. The bulbs also pickle well.

Stem/leaves (early Spring): salad item, cooked as a vegetable, to flavour oil, as a wrap, for pesto, leaf curd.

Flower bud (Feb/March): tempura (using stem as handle), pickled.

Flower (March/April): salads, as a garnish.

Immature seeds (May/June): salads, garnish, pickled.

Mature seeds (May/June): as a condiment or spice, for sprouting.

Bulb (July/March): as regular garlic clove

Happy Foraging