Wild Garlic Pickled

This simple vinegar preservation doesn’t take away from the perfect wild garlic flavour that we love and once made a tea spoon of pickled garlic can be used in almost any dish.

Makes 1 Jar (of your choosing)


–              Wild Garlic

–              White wine vinegar

–              A little sugar

–              A little salt


–              Finely Chop your wild garlic

–              If you have a food processor, quickly blitz the garlic until finely chopped (you don’t want a mush)

–              Get a sterilised or well washed jar and fill it with your chopped wild garlic until it’s loosely packed.

–              Pour in the white wine vinegar, stirring the contents to remove any bubbles, until the vinegar covers the garlic.

–              Screw on the lid and use whenever a recipe calls for garlic; keep for up to 1yr.

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