Wild Rose Recipes

Here you’ll find a list of our favourite Wild Rose Recipes.

The Wild Roses provide us with a handful of edible parts, the flowers which taste like turkish delights and then the fruit or hips which have a tomatoe – ish flavour.

Wild Rose Recipes Below

Edible Uses

The flowers and the fruits are both edible.

The rose petals can be added to a salad and eaten raw and they are used in the production of Turkish Delight and go well with any Middle Eastern dish. They are also good candied and used as a garnish. Rose petal sugar can be made simply by placing petals in caster sugar until they dry.

The flesh from the hips contains high levels of antioxidants, carotenoids and vitamins B and E and is used to make syrup, tea and jams. During the Second World War due to a shortage of citrus fruits, the British government encouraged the picking of rosehips to make a syrup which was issued as a dietary supplement.

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