Rose Hip Ice Lollies

These Rose Hip Ice Lollies are a brilliant way to get children enjoying Ros hips on these hot late summer days.

Japanese/Dog Rose (Rosa Canina/Rugosa)

This is a deciduous shrub growing from 1-5ms tall. The plants numerous stems are woody and strong, containing thorns and prickles all over.

The leaves grow from3-6cms long are odd-pinnate, containing 5-7 leaflets and serrated edges, the top of the leaf is rough and dark green whilst the under-side is slightly lighter with soft hairs all over.

The flowers range from white to pink and light red with yellow stamens, are approximately 3-5cms across and hold 5 petals, typical of flowers in the rose family.

The fruit goes from green to a deep orange-red, when ripe, it ranges from a ball or droplet shape as on Japanese rose to more of a rugby ball or egg shape on dog rose.

Both Dog rose and Japanese rose can be used in this recipe; personally I use the hips for everything from sundried rose hips, to making soups and salads. It’s a little like a sweet tomato – the classic is rose hip syrup, however here we’re making creamy rose hip ice lollies (a great way to get kids to top up their vitamin C levels)

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What you’ll need (to make 6 ice lollies):

  • 150g rose hips – ripe and soft
  • 150g granulated sugar
  • 300ml full fat milk
  • 400ml single cream
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla essence

Method to make Rose Hip Ice Lollies

  1. In a food processor place all of the ingredients and blitz until a seedy pulp is made
  2. Pass the whole mixture through a fine sieve – like the kind you would use for flour. This will remove all of the seeds.
  3. Pour your remaining mixture in to ice lolly moulds and leave in the freezer over-night until frozen.
  4. Or to make ice cream, freeze in a tub and before serving quickly blitz the frozen block in a sturdy food processor for 30-50 seconds to churn and soften up.

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