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Birch Syrup BBQ Marinade with Mugwort and Wild Garlic

Birch Sap Syrup BBQ marinade

This marinade is perfect for BBQ season or even for marinating and grilling food in doors when the weather takes a last minute turn for the worst. It’s simple to make and will last in the fridge for up to 4 days, meats that work well in this marinade are, pork, beef and chicken. I try and marinade over night but a minimum of 1hr will impart a lot of the great flavours. Once marinated cook the meat as you would normally over the BBQ or Grill. This is a basic marinade, I urge you to explore and experiment with this basic recipe, adding additional spices that you enjoy, add ginger and soy for a more oriental marinade, chilli powder and paprika for a spicy marinade etc – Make it your own.


3tblsp birch sap syrup

3tblsp vegetable oil

1 orange – juice of

20g wild garlic (finely chopped) – or 2 cloves garlic

4 fresh mugwort sprigs (or thyme)

1tsp finely ground alexanders seeds (or black pepper)


In a small pan mix all of the ingredients and simmer for 3 minutes until well combined.

Cool and store in the fridge or marinade straight away

Marinade prior to cooking and brush on during cooking.