Dandelion Flower Wine Recipe

Dandelion Flower Wine

This dandelion flower wine has been compared to tasting like the bliss of sunshine itself, it has a sweet, almost honey-like flavour that goes down so smoothly you need to keep a check on how much you’ve had.

It’s key that all your equipment is thoroughly clean

To make 5 litres at about 8%

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· 1 carrier bag of dandelion heads (about 250g)

· 1.2 kg sugar white

· 2 lemons

· 2 oranges

· 5 litres water

· 1 sachet yeast (wine or bread)

· A Demi-john (or 5ltr food grade container with hole and rubber bung in the top)

· Air lock

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1. Pour a kettle full of boiling water over the dandelion tops and leave 24 hours in a large pan with the lid on (if you don’t have time simply boil for 15 minutes).

2. Strain the dandelion tops from the juice and put the tops in compost

3. Add the juice of the lemons and oranges, the sugar and remaining water and stir until all mixed in sufficiently

4. Add the yeast, put a cloth over the top of your pan and leave for 24 hours to start brewing/bubbling

5. Pour this mixture in to your demi-john and put on your airlock

6. Leave for as long as possible, at least 1 month

7. Decant in to your storage bottles and enjoy chilled on a sunny day.

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