Nettle Cordial Recipe

Nettle Cordial Recipe

Our Nettle Cordial Recipe is a surprising use of nettles and it will leave you amazed by the flavours that can be achieved from the prolific weed that is stinging nettles.

I promise it won’t sting and in fact I bet you’ll soon be running off to your nearest nettle patch with a set of marigolds pulled up to your elbows. (marigolds are our preferred implements for safely and sting-free picking of the stinging nettle)


– 200g nettle leaves
– 500g caster sugar
– 4 Squeezed Lemons or 4tblsp lemon juice
– 500 ml water


– Boil nettles in water for 15 minutes
– Strain
– Add lemon juice and sugar and heat on low until sugar is dissolved
– Bottle into sterilised bottles and enjoy

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Physical Characteristics of Nettle

The stinging nettle is a herbaceous perennial, growing back yearly. Typically groups of male and female plants grow separately. It has widely spread rhizomes that are bright yellow along with the roots.


The stem grows from 1-2m tall through the summer and dies down to ground through the winter, it’s hollow, ribbed and houses many fine hairs and stinging needles.


Leaves are pale green, turning darker throughout the year – they have a wide base and a pointed tip with a heavily serrated margin, growing from 3-15cm and are placed oppositely up the stem.

Flowers & Seeds

It bears very small flowers in densely packed axillary inflorescences.

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