Gorse Flower Rum Recipe

Through this piece we’re going to take a look at Beautiful Gorse flowers and how to make Gorse Flower Rum.

Gorse is a common shrub that’s typically found on moor tops or on coastal cliffs. The flowers are available all year round, there’s an old saying ‘if gorse is out of bloom kissing is out of season’ so you should still be able to find them even in the depths of winter. This simple recipe uses the fresh gorse flowers to create a delicious, coconut scented liquor, that’s lovely on its own or use it to make a wild Pina Colada. 

You can read the full ID guide for gorse here.


700 ml white rum

4 good handfuls of gorse flowers

100 grams white sugar

Zest of one orange


Put all of the ingredients into a clean, sterilised jar or bottle and shake gently to mix and dissolve the sugar.

Store in a cool, dry place for a couple of days to let the flavours infuse.

Stain the liquid through a muslin cloth, gently squeezing out as much flavour as possible.

Pour into a clean bottle and enjoy. It can be served straight away or left to mature for up to 6 months.

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