Elder Flower & Elder berry Recipes

Here you’ll find a list of our favourite Elder Recipes. The shrub offers different things with quite amazingly different flavours throughout the year. In early summer we have the incredible aroma of Elderflowers filling the air and we can make sweet delights with these from cordial to lemon drizzle cakes. In autumn we’re then gifted with the Elderberries which we use mainly in savoury dishes from balsamic or pontac sauce to venison stew.

Elderflower & Elderberry Recipes Below

Some overview ideas for inspiring some Elder Recipes through the season:

Edible use

Leaves: Herbal use as a strong anti-viral (can cause nausea and vomiting) Immature flower buds: Pickling, Lacto fermenting

Flowers: Cordial, Sparkling Wine, Tempura, Tea, Ointments Fruit: Best heated, Wine, Syrups, Juice, Fruit Leather, Cordial, Beers, Ketchup, Chutney, Jam, Frozen in Desserts

Happy Foraging