Elderflower Gin Recipe

Most of us have probably tried an Elderflower Gin or two by now and the flavour has become linked with the idea of a British summer. It’s fantastic with tonic and a sprig of rhubarb or with frozen strawberries.

However, the flavour is always better when you’ve made it yourself so let’s give it a go.

Elder Flower in Bloom

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  • 750ml Gin (any will do)

  • 15 heads elderflower (no more than 5cm stalk)

  • 100g white sugar


  1. Place the elderflowers in a 1litre jar and then top up with the gin

  2. The key here is to not leave the flower in too long – I often take them out after just 1 day. If you leave them too long you will start to get a bitter taste which isn’t enjoyable. (I have left them just 2 hours in the past but put 30 heads in instead and it’s still tasted great)

  3. strain or sieve to remove the flowers and stir in the sugar until dissolved – the sugar is really a preference – add more if you like it sweeter or keep it out if you don’t I usually just add 100g as it means I can add sugar syrup to cocktails if using the gin in those or I can add it to lemonade without it becoming too sweet.

If you’re feeling really lazy you can do a massive cheat on this and add 50ml elderflower cordial to 100ml gin and it will taste fantastic.


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