Elder Flower Fritter Recipe

Elder flower fritters

Elderflower fritters are the quickest thing to make with elderflower, you can literally have them from the tree to fritters within 5 minutes – they couldn’t be more freshly picked. These are a brilliant as a midday snack and work brilliantly as a key to getting kids in to foraging and exploring the outdoors.


100g plain flour

175ml sparkling water

2tblspn elderflower cordial

15 elderflower heads with stalk still on

1 egg white


In a large bowl put the flour, add the sparkling water to it slowly stirring together between each pour to make a smooth batter, add the cordial and finish stirring.

Whisk the egg white in to this batter mixture

Pour a little oil in a non-stick pan and bring up to a medium heat

Dip the elderflower head (the flower side) in to the batter mix, using the stalk like a handle to hold, give it a quick shake over the bowl to remove any excess batter mixture

Put the battered head in to the pan of hot oil and allow to cook until golden brown, maximum of 3 minutes

Take off, let it cool for 30 seconds and enjoy warm

Elder Flower Fritter with Elder Flower Sugar