Nettle Crisps Recipe

From my thorough explorations with wild plants I’ve found the one thing I can make that is most likely to win people around, Nettle Crisps highlight the simplicity and great flavours that wild plants can offer. They’re quick, easy, crispy and extremely tasty – A real crowd pleaser. Once made, if they don’t get eaten straight away, they can be put on top of a huge range of dishes like salads, soups, pasta dishes and even over ice cream.


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To make a large plate of nettle crisps

  • Half a carrier bag of nettle tops (200g)
  • 100ml vegetable oil
  • Hogweed and alexander seed seasoning (or salt and pepper)

Method for Cooking Nettle Crisps:

  • Place 20ml of oil in a pan and heat, leave one leaf in the pan from the beginning to see when it begins to cook and bubble
  • At this point at more nettle leaves
  • Each leaf needs room to cook (if you just chuck them all in the pan they will wilt down and not crisp up)
  • After 1-2 minutes, or when they start turning slightly golden, turn them over and cook the other side
  • Remove and place on some kitchen towel
  • Add a little more oil and repeat the cooking with more fresh nettle tops until they’re all done
  • Season with what you have to hand and enjoy

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