Nettles in Wild Garlic Cheese

Nettles and Wild Garlic Cheese Recipe

Nettle Tossed in Wild Garlic Cheese served with roast potatoes and pork chops

The three of these brilliant separate parts come together perfectly to give you a hearty meal for those wet and cold spring evenings.

Serves 4


  • 200ml wild garlic pesto (or regular pesto)
  • 200ml Full Fat Soft Cheese
  • 4 good quality pork chops
  • 12 medium sized potatoes, peeled and halved
  • Half a carrier bag of nettle leaves (300g)


  1. Put some veg oil in a baking tray and leave in the oven 200C whilst you boil the potatoes
  2. Put the potatoes in to salted boiling water and boil for 4 minutes, strain in a colander and toss them around to fluff up the edges
  3. Quickly chuck them in to the heated baking tray and leave them in the oven for 45 minutes, tossing them every 15 minutes
  4. Put the pork chops under a hot grill for 4 minutes on each side
  5. Whilst they’re both cooking, put all your fresh nettle tops in to a pan with 1 teaspoon water and heat with the lid on for 4 minutes, stirring until it’s all wilted down.
  6. Remove from the heat and strain the mixture in your colander, place back in the pan with the wild garlic pesto and full fat cheese and heat for a further 2 minutes
  7. Remove you potatoes and pork from the heat and plate up along with the wild garlic cheese nettles and enjoy this hearty meal.

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