Wild Garlic Salt

by Chris Hanley @chris_hanley – forward by James Wood

Wild Garlic is one of the most versatile and incredibly tasty wild ingredients you can forage for quite easily in the wild.

However, the Wild Garlic Foraging season is only short and typically runs from late March through to mid-May (depending on where you are in the country, it arrives earlier down south and can stay around later at higher altitude or further north).

So one of the things we need to look at is:

How do we preserve wild garlic so we have it once the season is over?

This Wild Garlic Salt recipe from Chris provides us with a recipe that does just that. With the addition of salt, this garlic salt should last for a single year easily, at least until the next garlic season so you can make some more 🙂

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Ingredients and Method

  • 150g of washed wild garlic (minus stalks) blitzed to mush with 150g salt. (Helps to keep the washed leaves wet)
  • Mix the green paste into 850g of salt. It’s a bit like mixing wet sand to get a uniform green colour. I’m using table salt rather than rock salt or sea salt as I use my different flavoured salt in cooking, marinades and want a finer powdered salt. (but obviously use whatever salt you’d prefer)
  • Place the salt mixture on baking parchment in a roasting tray. Dry in a warm oven. About 100°c in a fan oven. Stir through the salt every 10 mins or so. This Takes about an hour to dry out.
  • I turned the oven off and left overnight.
  • Bottle the salt.

It’ll keep indefinitely but over time lose its pungency.

Use to pre-seaon food for roasting or barbecue, as a salt bake for fish or veg, curing meats and salmon or serve to the table in a pinch bowl.

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