Wild Tapenade Recipe

This Wild Tapenade recipe is unbelievably tasty and versatile, you can create it using a variety of wild ingredients with great success. For example, if you’re at the coast add in Marsh Samphire and Sea Purslane or if you’re heading for a swim in the sea add in some Sea Lettuce Seaweed.
For a countryside blend add in some nettles for a herby flavour… The list goes on and on.

You can enjoy it tossed through some pasta with salted anchovies, or spread on fresh bread or crackers. If you have a nice bottle of Malbec and a tub of this tapenade then your night is well and truly sorted.

The one I’ll describe below is by far my favourite.

Here’s our Sea Purslane Tapenade Recipe Video

Ingredients for our Wild Tapenade:

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Method for Creating Wild Tapenade:

  1. In a food processor chuck in all of your ingredients and blitz until soft and chunky.
  2. You can make this more paste-like or less depending how you like yours.
  3. Serve it alongside some lovely pitta or toasted sourdough

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