Dandelion Flower Honey Recipe (Vegan Honey)

I initially thought that the dandelion flower honey could make a really nice syrup for mixing into whiskey-based cocktails, however, having tasted the syrup I was amazed to find that it had lovely honey-like quality, so I quickly went to work on making the texture more honey-like so I could eventually use it as a substitute.

In the recipe below I’ll outline the bits you can do to just make the honey tasting syrup, but I’ll also add the bits of information that I learnt when turning it in to more of honey as well 🙂

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Dandelion Honey Recipe Video


  • 200g Dandelion Petals (remove the petals from the green base of the flowers – they’re bitter and will make you liquid go brown too)
  • 200ml water
  • 300g white sugar

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Method for our Dandelion Flower Honey

  1. Remove the dandelion flower petals from the green base of the flowers – the green bases are bitter and will make your liquid go brown too. This can be a messy and tedious job so best done whilst sitting in the sun enjoying some relaxation time.
  2. bring the water to a boil and then simmer the petals for 15 minutes
  3. strain the liquid through a colander to remove the petals
  4. Add the sugar and heat until nicely dissolved.

That’s the syrup done – enjoy as a honey-flavoured syrup

To turn your syrup in to honey…..

The best way I found of making it more honey like was by boiling the mixture down and reducing the liquid by about 25%,

I then let it cool to check the consistency and when it was cool I added little amounts of modified maze starch (also known as ultratex) to the mixture whilst holding a stick blender in the liquid which was one to mix it in nicely. I did that until the mix thickened up to more of a syrupy consistency.

Enjoy on anything you would Honey and feel relaxed knowing the Bees are happy too!

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