Elderflower Eton Mess Recipe

This Elderflower Eton Mess Recipe is a fantastic way to utilise the summers Elderflowers, and once they’ve dropped out of season, if you’ve made up some elderflower cordial or elderflower syrup then you can use that in the recipe too 🙂

Ingredients for Elderflower Eton Mess Recipe (enough for 4)

  • 100ml elderflower cordial or syrup
  • 100g Wild Fruit Jam (strawberry, blackberry or raspberry work really well)
  • 4 meringue cases
  • 200ml whipping cream
  • 100g cream cheese
  • 50g icing sugar
  • Some elderflower & wild fruit to garnish
Elder Flower in Bloom

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  1. Pop the Jam in a jar and mix up with a spoon until it’s smooth & more liquidy
  2. Add the cordial or syrup to the jam and mix really well until a thick liquid is made (this stuff is incredible to drizzle on loads of desserts and works well mixed in prosecco too)
  3. Whip up the whipping cream to fairly stiff peaks (you can also use double cream which will give you less fluffy whipped cream and a thicker whipped cream)
  4. Place the cream cheese and icing sugar in a bold and fold the two together until the sugar is nicely dissolved and mixed in.
  5. Pour the whipped cream on top of the cream cheese mixture (it’s important that the whipped cream goes on top) then lightly fold together making sure not to over stir as you’ll knock the air out of the whipped cream if you do.
  6. Lightly crush the meringue to pieces small enough to eat (about 1cm pieces)

We now plate up:

  • Pop a bit of each element on to a plate or bowl in layers
    – Cream
    – Elderflower & fruit compotte
    – Meringue cases
  • I usually do about 3 layers of this on each persons plate
  • Then top with your edible flowers and fruit garnish to finish off the plate
  • I like to put some extra compotte on the table so people can drizzle a little more on if they like – or just drink it haha

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